1.What does jewelry customization mean?

Customization means you can get jewelry made just the way you want it. This includes your choice of design, stones, metal (gold) and even budget.

2.Do you take old gold?

Yes. We love to use heritage gold. You can give your old gold to get your new jewelry made. This is applicable for customized jewelry.

3.For customized jewelry, how do I know how my jewelry is shaping up?

Depending on the piece of jewelry and the design, we share images of your jewelry while in the making. These images will take you through the beautiful journey of seeing your jewelry being made.

4.Can I suggest changes to my jewelry?

Yes. When the jewelry is in the making stage, you can suggest to us the changes that you might need, after seeing the images that we would be sharing with you. We would be happy to include the minor changes that you might have. Incase the changes that you need are completely different from the original request, we will revisit the budget and timelines needed before starting the work.

5.Do you have a physical store?

At the moment we are available only online. However, you can always reach out to us incase you would like to see some of our pieces to understand the workmanship.

6.Does the jewelry come with a certification?

Yes. All our jewellery pieces are certified. The gold used is BIS Hallmarked and the diamonds are 100% certified too.

7.Do you make only contemporary jewelry?

No. As a customization brand, we make all kinds of jewelry. The kind of jewelry that we make includes contemporary designs, south Indian jewelry, antique jewelry, jadau, Kundan, beadwork, etc. Incase we are not able to create your piece we will let you know that too.