design your own Jewellery

Indulge in the allure of personalized and customized jewelry at Samaara. Elevate your style with our bespoke pieces, meticulously crafted to your desires. Co-create with us, blending timeless elegance and modern design to bring your dream jewelry to life. Discover the art of personal expression today.

Idea generation

Drop us an email/message on our contact number with your ideas, reference images, or even rough drawings. Your desires, our craftsmanship—let's craft brilliance together.

Visualization & Co-creation

Over a scheduled call, our Jewellery Consultant will understand your detailed requirements and help you visualize what your final piece would look like. Together Let’s co-create.

Making and final delivery

Combining the finest craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, your jewellery will be created and ready for delivery . Experience the Jewellery Journey.

Types of Customization

Transform your ideas

Unleash your creative side, as you let us know what you have in mind for your jewellery. Share with us an inspiration that struck you, or a design that you have in mind for yourself. We will capture all the details and help you visualise your dream piece.

Modify an existing jewellery

Tired of keeping jewellery in lockers and not making use of them ? We are here to help you re-design and repurpose those very pieces for you. We can help make changes to any existing jewellery and provide you with more versatile options that you can wear more often.

Open to new designs

You have no idea on the kind of design you want ? Do not fret, we have got you covered. We will share our designs and inspirations with you and togther let us co-create jewellery that is stunningly beautiful and uniquely personalized just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personalized and customized jewellery?

Personalized jewellery is creating jewellery that is very unique to you and your requirements. We customize all aspects of the design to ensure the final piece of jewellery is exactly how you wanted it to be.

What are the elements I can get customized in my jewellery?

We can have almost all aspects customized for you starting from the design, colour of the metal – yellow, white or rose gold, the quality of diamonds to be used, the gold karatage – 22kt,18kt,14kt,10kt and even the size of the jewellery. We can also customize pieces basis your budget and suggest options to you. We also provide you with an option of choosing any other precious or semi precious stone instead of diamonds. Depending on the design, we can also provide you with multiple ways to wear the same jewellery.

How do I know that the final jewellery will be just the way I wanted it?

At Samaara, we go beyond than just creating jewellery. We provide you with a complete jewellery experience which includes sharing images and videos of the jewellery while being made. Any changes that you might want at this stage, can be incorporated as well. We take you along the journey of jewellery making to avoid any last minute surprises.

If I share an idea or a design, would you be able to create that jewellery for me?

We love to co-create jewellery with our clients and nothing makes us more happy than being able to bring your ideas, thoughts and suggestions to life.

Does customized jewellery take very long to get done?

Customized jewellery like any other jewellery would require around 15-20 days for completion. Depending on the design whether simple or complex, it could get done earlier or later than 15-20 days. The approximate date of delivery will be notified to you, at the time of placing the order.

Bespoke Elegance, Crafted Just for You

Samaara Experts can assist you in choosing an Exquisite Jewellery piece for you.